11 Apr 2017 -


Last month we introduced you to our new studio view series to give you a sneak peak into the everyday lifes of the artists we work with. We ask them a few questions about what they are working on and what inspires them. The features are accompanied by photos from their studios. We will post a new feature every month and started with artist HuskMitNavn. This month you can meet Danish artist Carl Krull:

What are you working on?
Just finished 100 small scale pencil on paper drawings for a series I call Omicron. All of them are circular compositions reminiscent of faces, some more easily distinguishable than others, some more eroded and distorted… Have been doing solely pencil drawings for many years, but have just taken up brush and ink.. maximal contrasts.. Black and white is night time and outer space. Black and white is the ultimate opposition, the purest contrast. I can easily imagine that we as human beings in some primordial way absorb black and white works of art differently than colored ones… because of their simplicity and silhouette style contrast, they might well take an alternate route through our brain. Passing through our reptilian brain on their way first, making the impact more fundamental. I have also been doing some experiments with virtual reality drawing.
What are you listening to?
No music at the moment. Filled up. Two small kids. So enjoying the sounds of the city in the background when I’m working in the studio.
What are you looking at? (TV, art, books, nature etc)
Same answer. My lovely family. Wife and two kids fill 99% of my horizon at the time being when I’m not working. And an occasional sci-fi movie before bedtime.. but still haven’t seen nothing that beats Blade Runner.

You can check out the process videos for Carl’s Omicron series and his Olmec series plus much more on his Instagram or Facebook. The below pictures from Carl’s studio are shot by Henrik Haven and Julie Valentin.

The Omicron series. Photo: Julie Valentin.