6 May 2020 -

As a prelude to the opening of “What did I know of your days”, opening at V1 Gallery May 12-16, Danielle Orchard (US) did a studio visit with Juxtapoz Magazine’s Sasha Bogojev: “A favorite painter and artist featured in our Summer 2019 issue, we were excited about her upcoming two-person show with Nikki Maloof scheduled to open  May 12th at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. So rather than meeting there and enjoying the new works in person, we’re opting to catch up with Dani remotely and enjoy a much anticipated peek at her newest endeavors”:

Danielle Orchard: “I was already in the uncomfortable headspace that follows the closing of a big show, and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself in the studio. Under normal circumstances, I would take a few weeks off from painting, and spend that time visiting museums and galleries to refuel and find inspiration. Instead, I’m loading up on art books: monographs on Piero della Francesca, Niko Pirosmani, Neo Rauch, Goya, but also some technical stuff on perspective in Italian painting and Formulas for Painters by Robert Massey.”

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