24 Jun 2021 -


V1 Gallery is pleased to present a series of limited hand-pulled silkscreen prints in three different colorways from the Connecticut-based painter Richard Colman.

Known for blending figurative imagery with bold geometry into complex compositions in vibrant color scales, Colman’s work ranges from small ink-drawings to large-scale paintings, murals and installations. His meticulous line work has a manic precision that’s the perfect foil for the deep sense of playfulness beneath. Rendered in two colors, Colman’s signature figurative style is here focused into an almost minimalist abstract language.

Within the work, Colman’s female figure is locked in a geometric jail of her own body and its cells, a prisoner in a crowd of one. Her isolation stems not only from the claustrophobic confines of the frame, which, as is typical in Colman’s work, the figure pushes against, but also from being trapped in the complications of her own being. In this latter entrapment, we move seamlessly between the literal and the metaphorical, the labyrinthine limbs representing both the concrete ordeals of the physical body and the imprisonment of the mind in its own ruminations.

Reflecting Art Deco impulses, the female figure joins with and dissolves into others, only to resurface as a complex composition of countless lines, shapes and color fields. And yet, Colman’s female figure does not appear before us mired in heavy depression, but with a self-assured elegance and lightness of touch that reminds us that in isolation resides also the potential for serenity. Speaking of art making in isolation earlier this year, Colman says: “it is about taking that once solely personal theme and addressing the shared experience of it.”

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