6 Oct 2021 -


V1 Gallery is pleased to announce that Heerup Museum has acquired two works by Søren Behncke for their permanent collection with the generous support from The New Carlsberg Foundation.

“The acquisition marks the great interest in Henry Heerup’s life and art among contemporary artists. We are overjoyed that Behncke’s works “Pyjamas and Reed Shoes” (2020) and “Reed Shoes” (2020) are now part of this important story,” Heerup Museum writes in the press release.

Made specific for the dialogue exhibition Behncke, Heerup & Hildebrandt (Oct 2020 – June 2021), the works are based on a 1950s archival photo of Henry Heerup, wearing striped pyjamas and reed shoes, hanging his linocuts to dry in his home. In his painting “Pyjamas and Reed Shoes (2020), Behncke has replaced Heerup’s linocuts with two-dimensional reproductions of his own painted cardboard sculptures. Thus, changing the perspective of time, the former artist now looks at the subjects of the younger artist, while the viewer looks at both artists at once. In his dialogue with Heerup, Behncke thus stands shoulder to shoulder with his predecessor in the creative process of making.

Søren Behncke
Pyjamas and Reed Shoes, 2020
Acrylic on paper (framed)
57 x 44 cm (unframed) / 64.5 x 52 cm (framed)
© V1 Gallery and Søren Behncke

Søren Behncke
Reed Shoes, 2020
Thread and Netto plastic bags
27 x 19 x 7 cm
© V1 Gallery and Søren Behncke

Henry Heerup in his home (1950s)
© Heerup Museum. Photo by Allan Daugaard