11 Feb 2021 -

Rose Eken
Ceramic Love Songs, 2021
Published by V1 Gallery / Eighteen
64 pages
Edition of 100
Signed by the artist
€14 / 100 DKK

First 20 zines, each includes a special made stickers sheet.

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In Greek mythology, Eros is the son of Aphrodite, representing the erotic dimension of love. In Plato’s Symposion, he is rendered a somewhat abstract concept, expressing the desire to create and procreate, to extend our lives and selves in the material world. Compelling us to revisit this contested notion, particularly in the light of a global pandemic and great social and natural upheaval, Ceramic Love Songs presents an open-ended exploration of love, desire, sexual embodiment and eroticism through the perspective of Rose Eken.

Well-known for her meticulous still life objects in clay, Rose Eken presents a refreshingly punk take on the theme of Eros, exploring earthenware’s archaic function as vessels and carriers. Various jars, vases, bowls and containers recall antique artifacts but are glazed with lyrics from contemporary pop songs. On one phallus-shaped vessel, PJ Harvey wonders whether desire is enough (Is This Desire, 2020). Others carry vignettes of disembodied hands wringing themselves, signing, and holding lifeless birds, evoking the death of innocence by the hand of love. Together, they make for a fragmented narrative of shipwrecked romances as well as a collection of fetish objects – testaments to the inseparability of physical and immaterial love.

All works presented in this zine were exhibited in Eros Unlimited at Eighteen, Copenhagen, in the Fall of 2020 along works by Danielle Orchard (b. 1985, US) and Emma Kohlmann (b. 1989, US).