24 Apr 2020 -

For a limited time, discover more than 1 200 historical, modern and contemporary artworks and photobooks available from Paris Photo New York. Awaiting the rescheduling of the inaugural edition of Paris Photo New York, we are happy to share with you via our first online catalogue, a selection of premium artworks from the show.

V1 Gallery will present Peter Funch and premier the cinematic documentary project 42nd and Vanderbilt never shown in the US. For 9 years Funch photographed passerby on the same corner in NY between 8:30 – 9:30 am, catching glimpses of the same people and juxtapositioning these portraits. The works become a “Spot the Difference” puzzle: subtle variations in attire emerge as we realize that the images were in fact taken days, months or even years apart. This simple device permeates the ordinary with the extraordinary. Explore a small selection at

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