29 May 2019 -

V1 Gallery / Eighteen is pleased to present three new exhibitions:
Doped, Roped and Horoscoped
Solo exhibition by Danny Fox

6 paintings on canvas and a large-scale mixed media installation The Great America Strip Mall (The price of a shadow). An ode to Los Angeles. Off-center, sun-drenched, strip malls, endless periphery, cowboy constructions, idiosyncratic lettering, concrete colours, elegant junkies, character actors, coyote dreams, downtown maze, open always sometimes, charmingly aloof, beautiful decay. The fortune teller predicts your future, in her neon lit concrete cave. The heat, sex, violence and promise of the city, entangled like the best and worst lovers. Danny Fox’s LA in Eighteen. Accompanied by a book published by Tarmac Press and V1 Gallery.
V1 Gallery
Cut Down A Tree To Build A Wooden Horse, To Ride You May Get Splinters
Solo exhibition by George Rouy

George Rouy’s (b. 1994) new body of work sits in a realm that is neither light nor dark, night nor day, living nor dead. In flux between temporary positions, sculptural amorphous figures vibrate between beauty and the grotesque. Painted into existence with tiny brush strokes, as if conjured from a parallel universe, mirrored reflections taking on a life of their own. Nine paintings that engage the intuition, vision and psyche of the beholder.
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V1 Gallery II
Soul Swallower
Solo exhibition by Kingsley Ifill

Soul Swallower is an investigation of the intersection between painting, photography and film by Kingsley Ifill (b. 1988). A subtle search for tranquillity in an undefinable infinite moment. Staged within the current western world, where truth and reality has no fixed position and freedom is continuously redefined by the powers that govern. Here Ifill trespasses between the lines of the paradoxical, seeking territoryuntainted by the toxicity of capitalist progress. Finding sanity within the psychotic, harmoniously hummingprovokingly out of the tune with the repetitious rants of the schizophrenic slur of modernity.
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Opening Friday June 7
V1 Gallery 5-9 pm / Eighteen 5-8 pm
Exhibition period: V1 Gallery June 8 – August 10 / Eighteen June 8 – July 6 

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For further information, contact: / +45 33 310 321

We look forward to seeing you.
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V1 Gallery / Eighteen