18 Nov 2021 -


The Loveletters from Nowhere collection is now available online at V1 Gallery Store

American artist John Copeland and Danish goldsmith Rebecca Elbek have collaborated on a signet gold ring and a gold pendant. Each piece in an edition of 30.

Born out of a mutual fascination for craft and quality the collaboration unfolded over the duration of the past year. Exchanges of ideas, sketches and words materialised into two striking pieces of jewellery that celebrate living life through the good and the bad times. Joy de Vivre and Loveletters from Nowhere are poetic companions crafted in solid gold for everyday use.

I normally work with oil paint and bronze in a much larger scale, so it was interesting for me to work with Rebecca in a new material and on a more intimate scale. I wanted the ring and pendant to have the aura of a quick sketch from the studio or a homemade tattoo. To preserve that raw energy.
– John Copeland

My fascination with John’s work started 15 years ago when I was introduced to his oil paintings.During this collaboration and creative process we have combined two very different worlds, both in terms of the materials but also in terms of what characterizes both John’s masculine and playful universe and my universe with feminism and storytelling.
– Rebecca Elbek

Celebrating imperfect perfections with John Copeland and Rebecca Elbek
– Jake Silbert, Highsnobiety