5 Jan 2021 -

V1 Gallery congratulates Misaki Kawai on her participation in the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial 2020. Moja Moja Life: Misaki Kawai for Kids is an indoor playground, featuring a display of colourful, furry sculptures of dogs and a puppet studio. With a love of mimetic word pairings spoken in the Japanese language, such as moja moja which means ‘hairy’, and an interest in children’s creative play and making, Misaki shares her playful approach to creating art and her affinity for fluffy dogs with NGV’s young visitors.
Misaki describes her style of making art as heta-uma. This Japanese term translates to ‘bad but good’, and prioritises a good idea over skill or perfection. In Japan, heta-uma imagery can be seen in advertising and packaging as well as pictures in newspapers. Today Misaki exhibits all over the world, delighting visitors with her bold and colourful paintings, sculptures and drawings. Moja Moja Life is the first installation by Misaki Kawai in Australia, and continues at NGV through April 18 2021.
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© Misaki Kawai. Install photos by Tom Ross.
Commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
Supported by Paula Fox AO and Fox Family Foundation, Chadstone – The Fashion Capital, Neilson Foundation.