8 Sep 2021 -


“I think that the idea is that you don’t have these two spheres, that there’s this convergence of the work so that it starts to minimize this feeling of “work for projects, work in a gallery.” It sort of reveals what images do in our world. If we’re all believers in images, then let’s forget about the delivery system, let’s get to what these images are doing. When someone gets something flashed to them from Apple, music of the day type of things, it’s not the same as walking up to a painting. But there is an aspect of it that’s within any piece of work, that you can sort of embolden with sincerity or with something that goes beyond ideas. I think that’s the interesting part, and I encourage that overlap. In creating this visual language and creating this type of work, part of it was like, “Well, what work can occupy both those zones?” That’s the challenge.” – Geoff McFetridge

Installation view: Geoff McFetridge, These Days are Nameless, V1 Gallery, 2020

Photo by Jan Søndergaard
Words by Evan Pricco
All works by Geoff McFetridge

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