27 May 2020 -

“The reason why the exhibition is called Signs of Life is because it’s about all these small situations that makes up an ordinary day. It’s basically 99% of an ordinary life. It’s about like eating breakfast and taking a shower. It’s not the big moments in life – it’s not the weddings or the funerals. It’s all the tiny things that I have put in these pictures. It’s also all these things we have lost now. Everything that we do right now, we think about: oh, can I touch this?, can I speak with him?, can I give her a hug? The exhibition is a portrait of all these little things that is basically an ordinary life.” – HuskMitMavn

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HuskMitNavn’s solo exhibition Signs of Life continues at Eighteen through July 9.

All artworks: HuskMitNavn

Concept and interview: Amanda Færk
Video: Theis Mortensen
Edit: Mark Balstrup