6 Apr 2017 -

“HuskMitNavn, translates into English as “Remember My Name”, but it’s hard to forget Husk’s work when it’s sprayed metres high onto buildings. The elusive Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary artist started out as a graffiti writer back in the 90s. These days, he’s one of Denmark’s best known creatives. “For the past 16 years I have been working full time as an artist,” HuskMitNavn tells us. “I like different types of projects and to physically draw on everything possible. So I try to experiment a lot and still keep my style of drawing at the same time. My main job is to paint murals and make gallery exhibitions.”
Despite his visibility (104k Instagram followers and counting), HuskMitNavn continues to work anonymously under his pseudonym. “It’s like wearing a uniform,” he says. “I can leave it at my studio and when I walk out the door no one connects my work with my face, which gives me the possibility not to think about work all of the time. I did not start drawing to become a known face, but I like when people see the things that I create.”