31 May 2017 -


– an artist book project by Morblod (DK) hand bound and published in an edition of 80 by Luilui Books & Binding.

The work is reflections on the body as a sentient thing depicted in black risographic prints, color photographs and text pieces arranged in a large, soft, handbound book.

The title Mediatrix refers to the book as being a mediator between the performative and the visual practice of Morblod.

The context of Mediatrix is a performance based practice. A staged and choreographed workshop space where permanent shape is formed through engaging two types of bodily presence in the workshop environment: One type of presence, where the body is a structural basis of generating shape, and another where the body has a voyeuristic presence. This is to facilitate an experience of meeting your own body, rather than revealing it, as thing.

This fixed setting has the agenda to activate critical thinking through embodied knowledge that comes from the experience of each body. Gaining autonomy and self-agency. The bodies involved in a workshop create lasting shapes and images, where each body is both creator and image.

The practice of Morblod is centered around deconstructing the dichotomy subject/object in relation to the body. By experimenting with bodily feelings of attraction and revulsion through objectification, relational feelings for the material world is revealed. Bringing forward the structuring of the body as, above all, a carrier of identity. With the aim to disengage the body from being this narrative shell of expression, Morblod is challenging the subordinated objectified body to be the space where sentient animation happens.
As a main tool to working with the body, sexuality and sensuality is seen as part of our sense perception. In this context sexuality is a way of meeting the world. A perception that can be part of perceiving all stimulation. Also stimulation not traditionally seen as sexual practice.

The performative expressions are given a tactility outside of the exhibition space with Mediatrix. The work is communicating and unfolding a sentient, experiment based practice through the physical and intimate nature of a book, by giving the reader an opportunity to move through the spaces and courses arranged throughout the work.

Morblod is an artist collective consisting of Ida Lunden and Carina Lin Sixten, living and working in Copenhagen.
Luilui Books & Binding is a hand bindery and publishing house founded by Louise Midjord located in Copenhagen.


V1 Gallery – Flæsketorvet 69-71. 1711 Copenhagen V – DK

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