Between Myth and Reality: Willumsen, Gauguin, Lilja at Willumsen’s Museum

7 Dec 2022 -

Between Myth and Reality is an exhibition connecting three artists across time: Willumsen and Gauguin representing ceramic art of the last decades of the 19th century and mid-20th century respectively, and Lilja representing the present. All three artists are connected by sculptural ceramic works that combine a figurative narrative and expressive style with glazes in intense colours. They also share an unorthodox approach to ceramic techniques, in which none of them trained formally. Largely self-taught, they bring alternative artisanal and artistic approaches to the medium of clay based on inspiration from other artists and practitioners of the craft. What they have in common is their experimental and exploratory approach to ceramics, investigating the innate potential of the medium. The ceramic works of Willumsen, Gauguin and Lilja create powerful, sculptural stories based on the intricate relationship between mass, form and glaze. Their imaginative works possess elements of the distorted and grotesque, as well as the courage to depart from contemporary norms and pursue new paths.” – Willumsens Museum, 2022

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Exhibition period: November 5. 2022 – February 19. 2023