1 Apr 2020 -

“The name of the exhibition is supposed to sound like a radio station. Since moving out of NYC I have been listening to a lot more radio. Especially since i no longer live in my studio and am now a half hour drive away I caught myself flipping through stations as my mind transitioned (from the mindset of “Dad Mode” to “Studio Mode”). I also draw comparisons between the range of subject matter in this new body of work and that of flipping through the radio. Commercials, and pop songs, mixed with talk radio and country, preachers and politicians, oldies, classics and call-ins… Tune in and turn on… Sunrise FM.” – B. Thom Stevenson, 2020

B. Thom Stevenson (born 1985, USA) lives and works in Worcester, USA. As a multifaceted artist, Stevenson explores the intersections between cultures by boiling down their artefacts to juxtapose in visually impactful dialogues, pairing both original and sourced materials to form a unique vocabulary. His practice explores the use of language as imagery, and pictures as tools of communication. In September 2019, with Jason S. Wright, Stevenson founded Miracle Seltzer, a Fluxus inspired consumer product and lifestyle brand. Stevenson has exhibited worldwide and holds a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. Sunrise FM is his third solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.

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Photograph: Jan Søndergaard