13 Nov 2017 -

V1 Gallery’s series of studio views allows you to have a sneak peak into the everyday life of the artists we work with. We ask them a few questions about what they are working on and what inspires them. The features are accompanied by photos from the artists’ studios. This time the studio view is with Danish artist Fryd Frydendahl: 


What are you working on?

I am in the middle of completing a big project on the West Coast of Denmark. The project is called ‘Solhverv’ (solstice). It’s a collaboration between the Danish musician Lars Greve and I, we are both from that area. We were commissioned by the the municipality to ‘come home’ and create an alternative project of the area, the area that we are both from. It’s being supported by the Danish Arts Foundation’s house artist arrangement, which means that we are also working with a lot of the young kids in schools out there. They are contributing with sound bites and video pieces for the portrait.

What are you listening to? 

I work with the danish singer MØ, who is also like a pseudo kid sister to me. We have been working on the campaign for her new EP so the last few months (maybe years even :-)) she has sort of been the soundtrack to my life. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people that make music, I feel like they are pretty good at educating me. Besides from that I listen to everything from Aerosmith to Marching Church to Justin Bieber.

What are you looking at? (TV, art, books, nature etc) 

I watch really bad, horrible TV when I have a real downtime. The real housewives of everywhere etc. I have been spending a lot of time at my dad’s because of the big project, when I am there we watch a lot of news and shows about extreme fishing in Canada or finding gold in Colorado. We both really LOVE those – and so does my Nephews.

I just went to see Thorbjørn Rødland’s show at Eva Presenhuber. He showed an older video piece, from like 2006 I think. It that made me happy and sad and then happy again. ‘My Support group told me to go to Hell’ was one of the sentences in it, thats pretty genius. And then I’ve been trying to do some studio visits with people I care about. My dear dear friend Eleanor Swordy is a painter – I’ve been obsessing over her work (and her) since I met her. She started doing portraits within the last few years, it’s like nothing else – really special.

I read poetry and (short) manuscripts. When my mind is buzzing with work stuff, I have a hard time doing a whole novel. TS Eliott is my favorite – I have just re-read ‘The Cocktail Party’. Oh and also, I travel a lot, I always have Sophie Calle’s ‘Exquisite Pain’ with me. I don’t always look at it but I like knowing that it is there, I borrowed it from a friend when I was going through a not so great time. It reminds me that as long as I can put how I feel into the work, then it’s okay.


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