V1 Gallery is pleased to present

Sea Bound
A solo exhibition by Federico de Francesco


The push and pull of the sea. Traces of movement embedded in the canvas and layers of oil paint. Gestures and marks covered or amplified by repetition. Ebb and flow. In and out of control. Layers upon layers. An abstract topography. A sense of universal musicality, from a gentle rocking dub to a crashing crescendo. Waves. Energy stored and released. The contours of velocity. The everchanging shoreline, reminding us that everything, including ourselves, are in constant flux. Deep colours and electric hues in concert. Determination and hesitation. Wax on wax off, to build a painter’s intuition. Vital and organic, Federico de Francesco’s paintings offer an opportunity to get lost or found. Sea Bound.

Federico de Francesco was born in 1979 in Calabria, Italy. He lives and works in New York, USA. De Francesco’s recent solo and group exhibitions include Federico de Francesco and Emmett Moore, The Pit, Los Angeles, USA, 2022, Spring Waters, Ross + Kramer, East Hampton, USA, 2022, Federico de Francesco, Tennis Elbow, New York, USA, 2021, Vanquishing Ocular, Rental Gallery in East Hampton, New York , USA, 2019, Downtown Painting presented by Alex Katz, Peter Freeman Inc in New York, USA , 2019, and Garden Dwellers, Regina Rex in New York, USA, 2017.

De Francesco’s work has been permanently acquired by the Alex Katz Foundation in New York, USA, the Margulies Collection in Miami, Florida, USA, The University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor, Maine, USA, the Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville, Maine, USA, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Federico de Francesco is a classically trained violinist and holds a Ph.D. in macroconomics from UCLA in Los Angeles, California. Sea Bound is his first solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.

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