V1 Gallery presents

An exhibition by Bradford Walters, Jonathan Lloyd Reimers & Derek Marshall

OPENING RECEPTION: FRIDAY JUNE 11. 2021. TIME: 16.00 - 21.00

A peripheral character study into the arcane hysteria of human sublimation. Coaxed by the volatile collision of time, Fantodds animates manmade remnants with bouts of manic absurdity, revealing subconscious truths of human nature and the reassurance of an uncertain future.

Fantodds presents works in various media created on the occasion of the exhibition, organized and curated by the artists. The three artists stem from a loose-knit community of creators that meet in the ocean around California. Jonathan Lloyd Reimers, born 1998, Los Angeles, America, is a 2nd generation surfboard shaper, filmmaker, and multidisciplinary artist. Derek James Marshall, born 1989, Los Angeles, America, is a multidisciplinary artist. Bradford Walters, born 1988, Danville, America, has for the past 10 years been silently involved in the sonic world as well as the physical realm, creating pieces for the wounded and sensitive.

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