An exhibition of lithographs by Troels Carlsen in The Depot

In 2010 Danish artist Troels Carlsen was selected to create a special edition for the art fair Volta Basel in Switzerland. Every year the fair has a tradition of selecting one promising international artist to create an artwork to commemorate that year. Troels Carlsen created a limited-edition lithograph, with a unique hand-painted intervention or detail in his signature style, making each piece distinctive in itself. Carlsen’s work embodies a thematic unity exploring human existence and challenges the idea of a single, unified truth, and poses questions about our social, biological and historic heritage to which we are all linked.

Carlsen has returned to a signature image or theme that he uses rarely now, but one that populated much of his early work: the ape and its relation to humanity. Here the excited Macaque monkey is portrayed as a reflection of Man -- in fact the artist himself -- or vice versa. Like a playing card, the image is inverted to portray a classical dualism. The image of the monkey and the self-portrait are hand-drawings executed in crayon directly onto the lithography stone; other motifs are hand painted or applied with collage to the lithographic print, making each piece entirely unique.

As these works have never been shown outside Basel before, we thought it was about time to rectify this by presenting 10 editions from the series in our project room The Depot.

The print was made in collaboration with HYPERLINK ""Edition Copenhagen one of the leading lithographic workshops in Europe, founded in 1959. The print is a lithographic stone print, 2010. Size: 76 x 56 cm. On Velin Arches 250 gr. Cotton Paper.