A solo exhibition by Carl Krull

It is a great pleasure to present Carl Krull's (DK) first solo exhibition Telescope at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. Due to his classical education, partly derived from Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City, Krull has a quite distinctive style on the contemporary Danish art scene, which is clearly revealed by his efficient fine line.

Telescope is based on a number of works revolving around the classical media of the drawing: pencil on paper, watercolors, animations and process recordings. The figurative scenes displayed in the works are many and absurd, funny and classical from anatomy drawings in the style of Leonardo da Vincis to samurai-like characters decorated with rings in the nipples, swords, and chains resembling human guts in compact compositions. The human body is often the center of Krull's depictions, complemented by architectural structures both contemporary and more retrospective structures, and often they are surrounded by an atmosphere of utopia. Heads are cut off, some opened with the brain visible, others blindfolded, laughing, peeled with no eyeballs, and some completely exposed as bare skulls.

The past decade Carl Krull has explored the digital media, with the practice of animation, time-drawing and direct documentation of work processes as the center of attention. Thus, the prime focal point of his oeuvre has been the process itself, and thus no longer solely the finished work on paper or a panel. The exposure of his work processes should not be perceived as a presentation of a workflow, but moreover as an element, an additional layer in the finished work. Thus, the artist's oeuvre can seem transparent, but the drawings are in flux and in a constant change. This is what Krull invites the viewer to learn through his unfolding of the process that the finished work is always unfinished and in a perpetual motion.

Carl Krull (b. 1975) has enjoyed international recognition, amongst other places in Japan where he both won a prize at Hokkaido Comics competition and was selected for the Art Studio Itsukaichi Residence Program in Tokyo. He has also been awarded the Diesel New Art Prize in 2005 for best moving art. He has exhibited world wide, this year amongst other places at Museo del Caribe, Colombia, Allmänna Gallery in Stockholm and Gallery DYO in Cyprus. In 2011 ARoS will show him in a comprehensive three-persons exhibition in Aarhus.