b. 1972, Chatham, New Jersey

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA



London’s new Newport Street Gallery, founded by Damien Hirst, will host a new large-scale solo exhibition by Lang.



The Believer, Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wes Lang – The Studio, ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark

Blessings, Half Gallery, New York, USA
Blue Dream, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

IKON Ltd, Santa Monica, California, USA
Here Comes Sunshine, Half Gallery, New York, USA

Sittin’ On A Rainbow, Chateau Marmont, Hollywood, California, USA
Life and How To Live It, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Smile, It´s A Grey Day, Ziehersmith New York, USA

Going All The Way For The U.S.A., V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Carry On, (two person show with Ryan Schneider), Eighth Veil, Los Angeles, USA
Just Landed (two person show with Eddie Martinez), aliceday, Brussels, Belgium

Are You Ready For the Country? ZieherSmith, New York, USA

Skulls and Shit, collaboration with Donald Baechler, Galleri Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden

The Promised Land, ZieherSmith, New York, USA
I Shall Be Released, Bucket Rider, Chicago, USA
American Beauty, Galleri Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden

Night of 100 Covers, Loyal Release, Passerby/Gavin Brown Enterprise, New York; Gallery Milliken, Stockholm, Sweden
Home At Last, ZieherSmith, New York, USA

Self-portraits as a Handsome Young Man, RARE Gallery, New York, USA

Wes Lang: New Works on Paper, GV/AS Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Bras, Mark Pasek Gallery, New York, catalogue with essay by Edward Albee.

Blacks & Whites, Mark Pasek Gallery, New York, USA



VOLTA12, Basel, Switzerland

Art Herning 2015, Herning, Denmark
Market Art Fair 2015, Stockholm, Sweden
13, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen V

CHART Art Fair, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tattoo – contemporary art and Tattoo culture, Brandts Museum of Art, Odense, Denmark

Wes Lang & André Saraiva, Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, USA

VIX – Tonight We Won’t Be Bored – Ten Years of V1 Gallery, December, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
Market, Stockholm, Sweden
UNDERVÆRKER – Mesterværker fra danske privatsamlinger (Group), Kunsten, Aalborg, Denmark

What’s He Building in There? Fuse Gallery, curated by Jesper Elg and Mikkel Grønnebæk
Status – Somewhere Between Position and Condition, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Stars Above / Valley Below, Horton Gallery, New York, USA
Lush Life 3. First Bird (A Few Butterflies), curated by Franklin Evans & Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Invisible Exports, New York, USA
Big Picture, curated by Ryan Schneider, Priska Juschka Fine Art, New York, USA
Draw, curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey, Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Public Image, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, Scotland

Grand Reopening, ZieherSmith, New York, USA
Carry On, two person show with Ryan Schneider, Eighth Veil, Los Angeles, USA
Just Landed, two person show with Eddie Martinez, aliceday, Brussels, Belgium
What So Proudly We Hail, Holster Projects, London, UK

Destruction of Atlantis, curated by Jesper Elg, Union Gallery, London, UK
Everything Else, curated by Chris Churchill, Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York, USA
Timeless, Morris Museum, Morristown, New Jersey, USA
The Boys Are Back In Town, V1 Gallery, Copenhagan, USA
The Boys Are Back In Town, Romo Gallery, Atlanta, USA
Brevity’s Rainbow, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Mail Order Monsters, curated by Kathy Grayson, Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany
Collector’s Choice, Dealim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
True Faith, Greenberg Van Doren, New York, USA
Dark Victory, curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens, Greece
Five Painters, Galleri Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden

10 Curatorial Perspectives, curated by Wayne Northcross, Haven Arts, Bronx, New York, USA
You have to be almost gifted to do what I do, Alexander and Bonin, New York, USA
Panic Room – Works from The Dakis Joannou Collection, curated by Kathy Grayson and Jeffrey Deitch, Deste
Foundation, Athens, Greece
Natural History Museum, The Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, New York, USA
Don’t Abandon The Ship, Allston Skirt, Boston, USA

Words: The Formal Presence of Text in Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper, Andrea Rosen, New York, USA
Loyal and his Band, Gallerie Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden
Working Artists in Brooklyn, Romo Gallery, Atlanta, USA
Petits formats ou miniatures, Galerie Quang, Paris, France

The Hunt For Your Family, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. Exhibition also traveled to Odd Number, Stockholm, Sweden

New York Dirt, Claska Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Stream, Rare Gallery, New York, USA
Benefit, White Columns Gallery, New York, USA

Waar, Andrew Andrew Curatorial Services, New York, USA
What’s New Pussycat? Briggs Robinson Gallery, New York, USA
She’s Crafty… and So Is He Sometimes, White Columns Gallery, New York, USA
T & A, GV/AS Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Paper, Mark Pasek Gallery, New York, USA
OIL, Mark Pasek Gallery, New York, USA

Hello My Name Is, Mark Pasek Gallery, New York, USA
Meat Market, Mark Pasek Gallery, New York, USA

Under Scrutiny, Limner Gallery, New York, USA

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National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
Deste Foundation (Dakis Joannou Collection), Athens, Greece
Museum of Modern Art, New York, US
Edward F. Albee Foundation, Montauk, New York, US
Djurhuus Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark
Brask Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark
ARoS Museum of Art, Aarhus, Denmark



Edward F. Albee Foundation Residency, Montauk, New York, 2001