Born 1984, Hvide Sande, Denmark
Lives and works in New York, Copenhagen and Hvide Sande


2004-2005  The Danish Media School, DK
2005-2006  Fatamorgana, Danish School of Art Photography, DK
2008-2009. The International Center of Photography, USA


Solhverv, Total floor, video  and audio installation, w. Lars Greve, Vestjyllands Kunspavillon, DK

CRYRX6, C4 Projects, Copenhagen, DK
Rooms Needed: Sentimental Rooms, Baxter Street at CCNY, 128 Baxter street Projects, New York, US
Calling, Fryd Frydendahl & Absalon Kirkeby, The Hand, New York, US
Suave Rosa, Rouge Oysters, Copenhagen, DK

Emacon, Fryd Frydendahl & Absalon Kirkeby, Bladr, Copenhagen, DK
Solhverv, public window installation with an audio component, w. Lars Greve, Holmsland Kulturcenter, Kloster, DK

Solhverv, audiovisual portrait, w. Lars Greve, Ringkøbing Rådhus, Ringkøbing, DK
Appropriations on foil, The Toilet, Copenhagen, DK
Nephews, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

Ash Rainbow, Politikens Galleri, Copenhagen, DK
Something Borrowed, Something New, Something Blue, BLAA GALLERI, Copenhagen, DK
NayamNyama Festival, Burkina Faso, Africa

Salad Days, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Mon’s Future, Baxter Street Gallery, New York, US

The Summer of Yes, Kontor Projects, Copenhagen, DK
Romeoville, Little Fish Gallery, Sydney, Australia


MINE IV, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Possibilities on paper, curated by Luisa Schlotterbeck, Fiebach, Minniger, Cologne, DE
Today’s Special #4, curated by Josephine Fity, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Today’s Special #6, curated by Amanda Færk, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Today’s Special #7, curated by Ariane Mercier, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Norman Fucking Rockwell, V1 Gallery II, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

MINE III, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
WE, The Package, Copenhagen, DK
Do I dare to eat a peach?, Fiebach, Minniger, Cologne, DE
World of forms and butts, The Java Project, New York, US
Meat and Mysticism, The Noysky Projects, Los Angeles, USA
The Moonlight Works, Moskowitz BayseGallery, Los Angeles, US

Forever Young, Special Exhibition of the Joe Baio collection at AIPAD, New York, US
Pink River Dolphins, curator, KRÆ, Copenhagen, DK
NEW NORDIC, Nublu, New York, US
Camera Club Auction, Joe Baio, New York, US

Golden Boundaries, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, HU

Pillow Talk, Palm Tree Gallery, London, UK
Vice Magazine annual photo issue 2016, New York, US

Debut, with Rose Eken & Anika Lori, ApArt, Copenhagen, DK
Billboard Festival Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco
The photocopyclub, Book and Job Gallery, San Francisco, US

2014 Frames – Projecting International Photography, Glasgow, Scotland
Sådan Ser Blå Mærker ud i Himlen, TYS Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
HINDSIGHT, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

Vinter/Winter, New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, DK
Max A5, Kontor Projects, Copenhagen, DK
Vice Magazine Photo Issue 2013,Peter Amby Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
<3 (Heartbutt), Flux factory, New York, USA
ONE THOUSAND BOOKS fair, Copenhagen, DK

Annual Camera Club Benefit Auction, Gallery 25 CPW, New York, USA
ETHNOSCAPES, Chashama 461 Gallery, Harlem, New York, USA
Zine and Self-published Photo Book Fair, The CCNY, New York, USA

Camera Club Benefit Auction, Gallery 25CPW, New York, US
Face, Head and Shoulders, Ny Tap, Carlsberg, Copenhagen, DK
Letters- Photo- Kajsa Gullberg, video work Fryd Frydendahl, Gallery Dadapost, Berlin, DE
Kunst I Slusen, Art Hvide Sande, Hvide Sande, DK
International Video Art Biennial, Birds Production, Bird Mitsudahl, Barcelona, ES
Famoso Festival, Bennet media studio, Birds Production, Bird Mitsudahl, New York, US
Death of print, End of Century, New York, US
The Camera Club Of NY, video screening, New York, US

At blive københavner, The Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK
Spun 3, St Cecilia’s Convent, Brooklyn, New York, US
Zine Fair, Camera Club NY, New York, US
Interiority Complex – screening, New York, US
Empire State of Mind, Gallery 25CPW, New York, USA / Copenhagen, DK
A slow evening with the slow school, Robert Goff Gallery, New York, US

Spun 2 – screening, Monkey Town, New York, US
Plurperfect, The International Center of Photography, New York, US

Fogtdals fotografpriser‘08, Fotografisk center, Copenhagen, DK
I skabet, Gallery Signe Vad, Copenhagen, DK
Forårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg kunsthal, Copenhagen, DK

Ungdomshuset udstiller, Politikens Pressehal, Copenhagen, DK

Manoevregangen, Hvide Sande, DK
Sideshow, Gallery Signe Vad, Copenhagen, DK

Fatamorgana Exhibit, Gallery Krebsen, Copenhagen, DK
Brorson og Lillen, Raahuset, Copenhagen, DK


Never Run Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly, At Last Books, 2020
, Roulette Russe, 2019
Nephews, Konnotation Publishing, 2016
They Didn’t Want To Pierce The Sun, Roulette Russe, 2016
Vinter (w/ Halfdan Pisket), Gladiator, 2013
Live Forever, Pau Wau Publication, 2013
The Summer of Yes, New Nordic publication, 2012
Personal Spam, Newsprint, self published, 2011
Familiealbum: Portrætter fra ungeren (w/Kajsa Gullberg), New Nordic publications, 2007



2017 Statens kunstfonds, huskunstnerordning, DK
2015 The Camera Club of New York, Production Grant, Mon’s Future, US
2011-2012  The Camera Club of New York Fellowship, US
2011  Resident artist and stipend recipient, ART Hvide Sande, DK
2010  Fatamorgana achievement award, DK
2009  Henry Margolis Foundation and Josephine Merit Scholarship, US
2008  Fogtdals Rejsestipendie, DK

Over the course of a decade, Fryd Frydendahl (b. 1984) has remained dedicated to a repertoire of intimate photography. In 2006, Frydendahl graduated from Fatamorgana, the Danish school of art photography, where she is now constituted leader and professor. Breaking with conventions of traditional portrait photography, her seminal series, Nephews, exhibited at V1 Gallery and published by Konnotation in 2017, is a document of time, a personal, yet never private, tale of love, trust, loss and family bonds. Her first book, Family Album published in 2007, features portraits from Ungdomshuset ("The Youth House”), a Danish punk venue that was sadly evicted and demolished in 2007. Her work is included in the collection of the National Museum of Photography.